Sunday, December 13, 2009

Next Stop...Byron Bay

Byron Bay was our next stop after Newcastle, known for having the most easterly point on Australia's mainland. The big thing is to get up early and see the sun rise from this point - but that would involve getting up at 4:00 in the morning to hike to the point to catch the sun coming up at 4:45 - and most of you know that is not bloody likely to happen in Chris and Teri's world!! Not that day, anyway. However, we did take the beautiful walk out to the lighthouse and the most easterly point and spent some relaxing time on Wategos Beach.
Byron Bay is also known for its sea kayaking with the dolphins and surf lessons. We twice attempted to do the sea kayaking but unfortunately the winds were too high 2 days in a row and the tours were cancelled. And Teri decided that surf lessons were not her thing! So our highlights in Byron Bay were the afternoon hike to the lighthouse and the ham and swiss croissants we ate for both lunch and supper the one day! Bye Bye Byron Bay....

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  1. jagged rocks.....crashing waves.....warrior 1.......beautiful!