Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wild Wild West Wyalong

Teri - On Friday, December 19th, Chris and I showed up in West Wyalong, New South Wales. West Wyalong is a small mining town about six hours west of Sydney (or closer to twelve hours by a delayed train and bus combination!) We went to visit my girlfriend Kelly, her husband Jay, and sons Jack and Sam. Kelly and I lived across the hall from each other in Rez at Tache Hall back in the day, we were bridesmaids in each other's weddings, and even though we don't get to see each other very often, I still consider her a great friend. Kelly and her family moved to Australia just under a year ago, and a trip Down Under would not have been complete without paying them a visit!

After pounding the tourist trail up the east coast of Australia, it was really fun and refreshing for Chris and I to head inland and experience Australia 'un-cut'. Up the coast, most of the people we met were other tourists, but in West Wyalong, we got to meet some locals and experience small-town life while drinking beer at the pub, tagging along with Kelly and her family on their errands, and even attending the annual Wilga Street Block Party!
West Wyalong is seriously HOT in the summer, and the warm weather seems to cultivate residents who are unfailingly warm and friendly. I was also impressed by how a population of about 3000 supports such a vibrant downtown with many busy shops, cafes and pubs. We had a great time getting out and about as well as just chillin' with Kelly, Jay, Jack, Sam, and Kelly's parents Dan and Moe, who also happened to be visiting from Canada, and who I've also known for years. Chris had fun playing cricket with the boys while I enjoyed catching up with my good friend over good coffee.

*In the one picture I am trying to wrap my lips around a steak sandwich with 'the Lot', which is Australian for a fried egg, pickled beet and pineapple. It may sound strange, but it was delicious!

*The duck is Buster, a Wilga Street resident. There were some anxious moments when Buster's owners served up roast duck at the block party. Fortunately little Buster showed up unharmed a little while later, and everyone could have a laugh over the prank!

On Monday evening we said farewell to our friends and West Wyalong and boarded yet another bus, this time bound for Adelaide in South Australia...Stay tuned for yet more adventures... ;)

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