Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bhopal - culture shock

Teri - I don't know who was more 'shocked' - us or the Indians. Bhopal is not on the usual Indian tourist circuit and doesn't see a lot of foreigners. Here are examples of how our visit played out...
- We got lots of stares everywhere we went - some people just looked curious and others seemed to think we were quite the spectacle, like sighting a celebrity!
- In the Indian Coffee House, two grown men took our pictures and one man actually stood up, came over to our table, and was taking video of us!! All we were doing is eating lunch, but I guess we were quite the unusual sight! Our World Vision hosts explained that many people in Bhopal may not have seen white people except for in the media.
- We signed autographs for two teenage boys who requested them.
- We posed for many pictures with various locals.
- We engaged in conversation with people eager to practice their English and share their pride for India.
- Our World Vision sponsor child was sure he had seen us on TV!
Overall, the people in Bhopal treated us very well and we felt, well... 'special'!

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  1. Celebrities indeed! ...and...what a cute couple!