Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daunting Delhi

Our first room at the Raunak International didn't have a window but it did have what appeared to be a small elevator shaft, or dumbwaiter, behind shutters - creepy! No towels or toilet paper, and very dingy. We requested and eventually received a smaller but cleaner and brighter room with a window.
At first we wanted to just stay in the room as we were anxious about venturing out, but we did it! We enjoyed some nice meals in the hotel restaurant and ventured down the street to an Internet place where we wrote our first blog posts and to a shop where I'm sure I grossly overpaid for an Indian shirt and pants, but still it was only about $12 Canadian.
On Sunday, the 25th, we went with a hired driver on a tour and saw some sights. My FAVOURITE part was going with a cycle rickshaw driver named Agbar around Chandry(?) Chouk in Old Delhi. The driver was very entertaining, spoke English and some French, and claimed to be friend to many international dignitaries and overall a very important person himself, so we felt lucky to have Agbar as our guide in Old Delhi!


  1. Your trip sounds like a lot of fun so far. Train rides are wonderful, taxis not so much. The outfit you bought is so cute. Beautiful fabric. The fence in the background is amazing.

  2. Hey guys! Glad everything is working out so well for you. How much did the hotel cost? Are the overall costs what you were expecting?

  3. Thank you so much for Blogging your travels. I can't think of a more appropriate couple to really appreciate this adventure. I will continue to live through you from afar.