Saturday, October 31, 2009

World Famous Pushkar Camel Fair

Teri - Okay, so I hadn't heard of the Pushkar Camel Fair before, but I guess it's a pretty big deal in Rajasthan. And lucky for us, our GAP Adventures tour just happened to stop in Pushkar during the annual festival! It's pretty awesome - over 5000 camels are bought and sold during the week-long fair, plus cattle, horses, other livestock. We went on a camel ride through the 'semi-desert' of the fair ground and watched the sun set from the back of a camel last night.
We slept in an 'exotic tent' that is the highest-class camping I have ever done - flush toilet and shower inside. I woke up before 7 to sounds of Indian music, musical horns, chanting, birdsong, and people going about their business - there is such an exuberant energy here!
This morning we watched women racing with pots of water balanced on their heads and little gypsy girls balancing on tight ropes and contorting themselves into crazy yoga poses in the exhibition ground.
In the afternoon I wandered around the markets and tried to haggle. I feel very safe and comfortable in Pushkar. But tomorrow, on to Udaipur!

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  1. But were the camels' horns honking...?? Sounds pretty...uh..different over there...!!Off to vegas tomorrow morning via death valley uncle chris and auntie night of debaucherie seems in order after 3 days of solitude camping in the sierras (i haven't hear a horn honk since leaving hongcouver i'm pretty sure...or taken a shower for that matter...(jk)!!). I can't even describe the vistas here - will try sometime. You guys stay safe and keep working on your bartering skills so you don't come home destitute!


    little willy