Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Few of Chris' Reflections...

Here area few of my personal reflections so far in list specialty! mostly from Bhopal and a few from the trip to Delhi...

stray dogs wanderng around, dodging traffic & sleeping in the streets
cows seeming to be homeless and covered in paint and garish neck adornments!
goats roaming around the streets
no rhyme or reason to traffic "laws" in this country...lanes are a figment of the imagination
horns used as turn signals/instead of turn signals
men taking movies of us with cell phones during our lunch in a coffee shop
kids asking us for autographs!
one kid wanted me to take his motorcycle for a ride...he was practically shoving the key in my face - I told him I didn't want to die today
cell phones in slums
sleeping on a train in the middle bunk stacked 3 people high
being stared at and cat-called by Indian women (maybe not so much!)
paying about $1.70 (85 rupees) for a 35 minute cab ride from the train station to our hotel
cab driver stopping on the side of the street for a cup of tea and a biscuit while en route to our hotel in, what are you doing?

this is one crazy place my friends!

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  1. Were they Honda horns honking? If so, OF COURSE, they would drive you crazy! Put some GM or Ford horns in there....well, maybe not so bad. I can just imagine how the non-structured traffic (plus the cabbie stopping for tea - on YOUR money) - would be....memorable! AND I'm sure they were cat-calls.