Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Happy New Year everyone! We celebrated New Year's Eve at a party hosted by Rod & Anna Harker, conveniently located a short stumble down the hallway from our bedroom. We hung out in the backyard and Rod BBQ'd a great dinner. Considering that the daytime high was 41 degrees, it actually cooled off nicely in the evening!There was a great fireworks display at midnight that we could see from just outside the house. It was nice for Teri and I to be with friends to bring in the new year.

During the hot day on New Year's Eve, we went kayaking with Darren, Leanne, Jack & Brooke at nearby Port River. The Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is one of Adelaide's "secret spots" and is supposed to be an area of ecological importance. The mangrove forests and sheltered creeks are home to an array of marine life, birds and dolphins. The Ship's Graveyard is also unique feature of the area, where several decommissioned ships have been parked and left to die in the waters here. We were lucky to see many dolphins (I think Brooke's count was 19 sightings!)

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