Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hiking on the Franz Josef Glacier

Teri - This afternoon Chris and I were rugged adventurers! We went with Franz Josef Glacier Guides for a walk on the glacier. Initially I didn't want to go because I had already visited the Columbia Icefields several years ago with with my mom, so I thought I'd 'done that, been there'. I'm glad I decided to go because a) there is nothing else to do in Franz Josef and b) rather than driving onto the ice and just getting out of the vehicle for a few minutes to take pictures, we actually strapped on crampons and hiked our way onto the glacier and through crevasses of ice.

Franz Josef is a unique glacier because it comes down close to sea level (+250 m). It was very odd to walk to the glacier's trunk along a path through rain forest!

It rained most of the four hours we were out there, but I think that added to the atmosphere!
We got back to the hostel and warmed up with free homeade vegetable soup.

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