Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Last Days In Adelaide

Teri and I spent some our final time in Adelaide checking out downtown Adelaide's Central Market - a large farmer's market/fresh produce market; and Rundle Mall - a long pedestrian stretch of outdoor shops. Teri posed with the well-known shiny silver "Mall Balls". I really wanted to get some pictures of some old churches in Adelaide city but the rest of the group was not agreeable, unfortunately. Right Steady?

I was also able to visit the old ball diamond and get inside the Port Adelaide Magpies Baseball clubhouse and was happy to see that very little had changed in 14 years! There is a new mural of the team logo on one of the walls, though, shown in the picture along with Darren and myself.

Teri had her first crack at playing beach cricket down at Semaphore Beach, and we had a great feed at the Exeter Hotel while Steady soundly kicked my butt at billiards (seems to be a theme there!)

Everyone came down to the airport to see us off before our flight to Christchurch, New Zealand on Jan 3rd - Rod, Anna, Darren, Leanne, Jack, Brooke, and Cherril. It was an emotional goodbye as none of us know when we'll see each other next, but we had a fantastic visit between December 22nd and January 3rd, and made up for a lot of lost time. We have to send out a tremendous thank you to Rod & Anna who hosted us the entire time, and to Stead family including Cherril for going out of the way to make our visit so fun and special...we love all of you guys!

(And hope to see you all again soon...!!)

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  1. Hey dudes! Hope you are still enjoying NZ, not long now 'til you're back home. I sat through another doco about Canada even though it was hosted by Michael Buble (aka. Bubbles) and have already written down things to see when we come over and travel with you :) It will be quite a while but if all goes well fall 2011 could be a goal for now I reckon, what do you reckon? I reckon it's a good plan any way, reckon reckon reckon. Note that I plan ahead and make executive decisions :)

    It was an absolute pleasure having you stay with us (for Rodney and Chris any way) and it even took a while getting used to not have you guys around.

    We are having 3 days of 43C now so DVD's and air con are on the agenda.

    We will keep you up to date on the baby bump, please keep blogging and/or send us news on facebook.

    Love from the Harkers, I speak for the bub too... and honestly also for Rodney but we all knew that.
    /The Harkers