Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Milford Sound

Teri - The countdown is on - only two more sleeps in New Zealand!

This morning we woke up to blue skies in Queenstown. We left the hostel just after 6:30 and boarded the bus to Milford Sound.

What is a 'sound'? you ask. Well, it is a steep v-shaped valley carved by a fast-moving river. But Milford Sound is a misnomer as it was actually carved by a glacier, making it a fjord.

The drive through Fiordland National Park was amazing and the cruise on Milford Sound took my breath away. Check out the pictures and see for yourself...

Here's some more NZ trivia: New Zealand doesn't have ANY native mammals except for two types of bats. The islands were home to many breeds of birds before the Maori and European settlers arrived, but many became extinct or endangered when they were hunted by settlers and preyed upon by rats and possums and other animals the settlers introduced to the islands. NZ is also home to 40 million sheep, some of which forced us to wait while they crossed the highway!

Right now we're in Te Anau, which like almost everywhere in NZ, is very picturesque. Tomorrow we have an 11-hour bus journey back to Christchurch for a final night and then four flights and we'll be HOME! (I'm pretty excited in case you can't tell.)

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