Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mount Abu Hill Station, Rajasthan

Teri - Well it is probably for the best that I couldn't access Internet the last few days - I was quite sick, and feeling horrible was affecting my outlook on the whole India experience in a pretty negative way. But fortunately my health is rebounding, and my spirits are buoyed!

I never saw a thing in Udaipur except my hotel room and the toilet, but today we travelled about 5 hours to Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajastan, and a popular holiday spot for Indians looking to escape the unbearable summer heat of lower altitudes.

Everyone's on holidays here, so the atmosphere is fun and cheerful. Tonight we hiked along with hundreds of Indian tourists to 'sunset point'. It was a fun experience because everyone made such a big deal over the sunset - vendors selling popcorn, people oohing, ahhing, cheering and clapping. I guess Mount Abu doesn't get many foreign tourists, because we still posed for lots of pictures - me with groups of giggling girls, and Chris with groups of guys who just think Chris is a Hollywood movie star.

Sorry so few pictures on this blog so far - we have a ton but the computers are old and slow and it's not usually possible. Imagine us looking fabulous and glamorous, k?

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