Saturday, November 14, 2009

Adventures in Keralan Dining

Teri - India is the easiest place in the world to be a vegetarian. Especially in northern India, vegetarian is the default , with 'non-veg' receiving its own category in some restaurants only. I haven't missed meat one bit!

We have eaten very well, and very cheaply in India thus far. Our favourites include stuffed tomato, parantha, butter naan, basmati rice, and masala chai tea. We tend to lean toward an 'American' breakfast of two eggs, toast, juice, tea/coffee, and sometimes porridge or cereal. All this can be had for 75-150 rupees (roughly $1.50 - $3.00CAD). The bread is sliced almost paper-thin, and in Delhi our corn flakes routinely had strange black flecks in them.

Anyway, it is more interesting I'm sure, to learn of some of the quirks of Indian dining. In Kerala, we've experienced a few:
- At our hotel in Periyar, the staff brought out 7 platters of toast for the nine people in our GAP tour group! We almost finished them!
- At dinner the other night, I ordered Vegetable O'Gratin, expecting a pasta dish. Instead I received a big bowl of cheese sauce with a few veggies!
- In Varkala, Chris and I went for breakfast at a lovely cafe facing the Arabian Sea. About ten minutes after we sat down, a DOG walked out from under our table, where it had been snoozing unseen under the tablecloth! It returned later on, and we snapped this photo after it got comfortable.

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