Sunday, November 8, 2009

Melting in Goa!

(Chris) Hello from Goa, India! We're on the west coast about an hour's flight south of Mumbai. We arrived here yesterday Nov 7th and leave tomorrow Nov 9th for Cochin in the south of India, also on the west coast. I know absolutely nobody at home is going to feel sorry for us but we are absolutely melting here...temperatures are in the mid 30's during the day and the humidity is keeping me in a constant sweaty state. Goa is apparently one of the more "touristy" places in India, with many beaches and its warm climate. It's also obvious by the presence of all the "touts" or people trying to sell us stuff wherever we go. It is incredibly annoying, but I guess it's a part of being a visitor to another country! Some examples of items for sale this morning on the beach (and by 'for sale' I mean people come right up to you and ask your name, where are you from, are you married, do you have kids, first time in India?, first time in Goa?, and it goes on while you're trying to catch a few rays...) Anyway some of these items include cucumbers, an ear wax removal service, henna tattoos, massage, peanuts, fruit, and a bunch of other crap like necklaces and bracelets etc. My head is now conditioned to move back and forth in a "no, thanks" motion whenever I hear the dreaded words "Hello, my friend!"

As it was Teri's birthday while we were in Goa, our tour leader arranged a birthday cake for her when we were out for supper at a karaoke restaurant on the 8th. I have included a picture of the cake as well as our tour leader, Mahipal. There is also a picture of the hotel we stayed at.
Well internet time is up, 30 rupees spent and you're now a bit more caught up...

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