Friday, November 27, 2009


Teri - No I'm not looking for sympathy, but yesterday I got heat exhaustion / dehydration. I've come to accept that it is impossible to spend any amount of daytime on the beach here without getting sunburned. I think the beach umbrella actually makes it worse, since your body is in the shade and the sun doesn't feel as intense, you spend way more time out there than you should. And those ancient threadbare umbrellas do not block the UV rays very well at all. Yesterday we only spent a couple hours on the beach, but after a very sweaty 90-minute yoga class my skin felt it was on fire and I felt worse than I have since my experiences of 'Delhi Belly'. I'm sure the couple mojitos I had with dinner didn't help matters either.
Chris's lip actually blistered from the sun, and he is darker than I've ever seen him. Feeling weak and tired, today we laid low in the room mostly and drank lots of water.
We're going for shiatsu massages tomorrow and are considering taking a Reiki workshop. The yoga classes have been great, but they're very strenuous in +30 temperatures with high humidity, so now we're in need of some cooling and relaxing. How's this for a reversal - we've gone from longing for a warm shower in most of India, to wishing the water from the tap were colder!
Hope you're staying warm or cool or whatever you're needing back home!

Here's a few more pictures - included is a glimpse into our lovely hotel room where we've been for almost 2 weeks!


  1. Sounds like we were feeling a bit sorry for ourselves, doesn't it!? Well, we're much better now and there's certainly nothing to complain about! The shiatsu and reiki was nice and relaxing and we're both feeling rejuvenated and energized.

  2. Pictures: beautiful, beautiful, beautiful......handsome!