Sunday, November 15, 2009

Varkala Beach

Teri - Hi everyone. The last couple days have been spent along the Arabian Sea. Varkala is a strip of small hotels, cafes, internet places and shops perched along a cliff at the edge of the Arabian Sea. Breathtaking views and fresh ocean breezes!

Steps go down to the beach where we play in the ocean waves and try to body surf in the warm water.

Our GAP adventures tour ended this morning with the rest of the group departing to Kochi, but Chris and I stay here another night. We moved to cheaper accomodations at Santa Claus's Village. Cheesey name, but our room is almost on the edge of the cliff looking out to the ocean.

South India is receiving the retreating monsoon a little late this year. It rained on Friday evening after we arrived and absolutely POURED for hours and hours yesterday! I went to a yoga class under a tin roof and the teacher's voice was completely drowned out by the deafening sound of the rain.

By the time we headed out for dinner there was water up to our ankles running down the walkway and our umbrella was broken by the wind.

Fortunately today the monsoon has held off and we managed to get sunburned on the beach.

Tomorrow we're headed to the ashram for two weeks (if we can stick it out that long!) Don't know what the Internet access will be like out there, but we'll do our best to keep you posted...Take care everyone!


  1. Hey Chris and Teri!
    Sounds like a wonderful 'adventure'! Thank you for sharing your days with us!!
    Love the photos..of course!

  2. you're looking a little sunburned, but still smiling! Glad you're still having fun!